Please read, before submitting a ticket:

If you have added your invitation code into the app and do not see your Mobile Credential please try completely closing the application and then reopening. If you see the Mobile Credential card, with your name and the HU logo in your application, the invitation was successfully added. 

Please do not delete the application from your mobile device, in the process of troubleshooting the invitation. 

Harrisburg University has chosen to adopt the HID Mobile Credential solution for facility access to students enrolled in executive format classes at the Harrisburg and Philadelphia locations. This mobile credential replaces the issuance of a physical ID card. 

Receiving a Mobile Credential

If you are a currently enrolled Graduate or PHD student and registered for classes delivered in an executive format, you will be issued a Mobile Credential for facility access at HU's Harrisburg or Philadelphia locations. Information for the enrollment and app installation will be emailed to your university issued email address prior to your first in-person class.  

It is important to accept the invitation and activate the application prior to arrival. Building, stairwell, and elevator access on the day of classes depends on a functional mobile ID.

If you did not receive the invitation email, please search your mailbox, including the junk folder, for the subject line, Harrisburg University Mobile Credential Invitation. If you do not find the email after the search, please submit a New Support Ticket at the following link. In the subject, enter Mobile Credential not recieved and be sure to include your full name, HU student ID number, HU issued email address, and your class semester. 

Submit a ticket : Harrisburg University IT Helpdesk

Using the Mobile Credential

Information regarding the use of the HID Mobile Access App is available via the user guide linked below. There are unique instructions for Apple iOS (page 7) and Android (page 15).  For both operating systems, please note, that HU is not utilizing the "Twist and Go" feature. Also worth noting, for both Apple (page 10) and Android (page 18) there are options in the app, which change when the app is permitted to function.  When configuring access, keep in mind that the setting "Always," will provide the most convenient experience with card readers but may have a larger impact on the device's battery life. 

HID Mobile Access® App User Guide (  

Download the app for your device at the links below.

Apple iOS:

HID Mobile Access on the App Store ( 


HID Mobile Access - Apps on Google Play