There is now a feature where you can take attendance during a Microsoft Teams Meeting. This allows you to see who joined the meeting and when they left. 

  • You must be the meeting organizer to take attendance. If you are not the meeting organizer, then you will not have the option to take attendance. 
  • You can only take attendance during the meeting. There is no way to go back in after the meeting and get the attendance report. The recommendation is to wait until the end of the meeting and everyone else has already left, and then download the attendance report.

1. Create a Teams meeting like normal. Then you will join the meeting during the designated time that you chose. At the end of the meeting, follow the remaining steps. Remember: You must be the meeting organizer to be able to download the attendance report.

2. Click on the "Participants" button on the taskbar.

3. Click on the "Download attendee report" button.

3. Then go into your File Explorer and click on the "Downloads" tab.

4. In "Downloads," it will have a title something similar to this:

5. Click on it, and then it will open an excel sheet that will look similar to this:

This will allow you to see who joined your meeting and when they left. You will still have to manually search to see who did and did not attend, however, this allows you to at least have record of who made the meeting and who did not.