When having a Teams Meeting with a larger audience, it is possible to assign roles to people within the Teams meeting. This allows for people to become presenters or attendees. Here is a breakdown of what people in a Teams meeting are capable of doing(whoever sets up the meeting would be the organizer):

An important part of this is if you want to have a meeting with people but not allow everyone to be able to control what is going on. As an organizer/presenter, you have the ability to share your content, allow attendees to join who are in the lobby, and mute participants. This can allow some control over meetings where you want a 1-on-1 interaction people, but still have control over the content being shared and microphones. 

1, Set up a Teams Meeting in Outlook. Once you have created the meeting, click on the meeting. 

2. Click on "Meeting Options."

3, You will then be taken to this screen.

4. Here, you can make simple changes to your meeting to allow for different scenarios.

  • Who can bypass the lobby?
    • Everyone
    • People in my organization and trusted organization
    • People in my organization

This is helpful if you are having outside people join in your meeting for a presentation and you want to make sure that you have everything set up and ready to go before they join in.

  • Always let callers bypass the lobby
    • Yes
    • No

This is set by default to Yes so that people can automatically join your meeting. If you want to have a lobby and let people in one by one, you will have to choose an option other than "Everyone" in the previous option and then select "No" for this option.

  • Announce when callers join or leave
    • Yes
    • No

This just gives a notification/popup that someone has joined/left the meeting. It helps to leave this as yes so that if you do have a lobby for your meeting, you know that people are joining and can let them enter the meeting.

  • Who can present?
    • Everyone
    • People in my organization
    • Specific people
    • Only me

If you have everyone selected, then everyone is able to share content. If people in my organization is selected, then only people from HU will be able to share content. When selecting specific people, you will have to type in the names of the people invited to your meeting that you want to have able to present. Doing so will have everyone else join as attendees. And, selecting only me will have you the only person being able to share content.

5. During the meeting, you also have the ability to choose to make people presenters and attendees. Click on the "Show Participants" button.

6. Right click on a person you want to change and select either "Make a presenter" or "Make an attendee."