Harrisburg University of Science and Technology uses a Voice over IP (VoIP) Cisco phone system.  The default phone for Faculty/Staff is the Cisco IP Phone 8811.  

For detailed instructions, download the Quick Start Guide and/or the User Manual.

Quick Tips

  • Voicemail to Email - When someone leaves a voicemail message, an email notification is automatically sent with the voicemail audio (.wav) file attached.

  • Dialing internal extensions is as simple as entering the four digit extension.  The call will begin after the last digit is entered.

  • Long Distance Code - To make a long distance call, dial 9, then 1 and the area code plus the number.

  • Voicemail PIN - A voicemail PIN provided by IT is used to access voicemail from your phone. You will then be prompted to select a unique PIN as you use the service for the first time.