NOTE:  This technology is only available in rooms 1004, 1204, 1212, 1246, 1254, 1258, 1305, 1358, 1463 and Philadelphia classrooms 112, 168.  

*If you happen to log into a computer and Microsoft Teams is not installed, please go to the link provided and install Microsoft Teams*

1. Click on the Microsoft Teams logo on your desktop. Please double-click on the icon.

2. You will then need to put in your HU email for logging in. Then click "Sign in."

3. Then put in your HU password and click "Sign in."

4. On the side tab, click on Teams.

5. If you do not already have a team for your class, you will have to create one.

6. Hover your mouse over the "Create a team" icon and click "Create team."

7. Select the "Classes" tab on the left.

8. You will then have to create a Team Name. The suggestion would be to name your team the title of your class so that your students can easily identify it.

9. You will then be asked to add people to your team. This is where you will add all your students in your classroom.

10. You can either keep the videos under the general tab of your team or you can create a new channel for videos. To create a new channel, select the three little dots next to the team for your classroom and select "Add channel."

11. When creating a new channel, name it whatever you would like, but make sure to select "Automatically show this channel to everyone's channel list." This will allow Teams to automatically make the channel show up for all students connected to the Teams Group.

12. Select the channel you want to record your videos to and click the "Meet Now" button at the bottom of the page.

13. A popup video should show up at the bottom half of the screen. Here you can label what to call the video and click "Meet Now." *You should be able to see yourself in the screen with the camera on.*

14. If you are unable to see the camera or the microphone is not working, click on the little gear in the top left section of the page. *Here you should make sure that the TesiraFORTE is selected for all the audio devices and the CAM520 is selected for the camera. If these are not available, please contact HelpDesk for assistance.*

15. You will then need to hit the three circles button when you move the mouse on the screen.

16. You will then have the option to "Start Recording." Please select that and it will begin to record your meeting.

17. When you are done recording, go to the three circles button again and select "Stop Recording."

18. After you have stopped recording, it will take some time to process the recording. You will then be able to see the recording in the channel that you recorded it to like the example below. Clicking on the three little dots next to the video will allow you to open the video in Microsoft Stream, share it with other people, and get a link to share with people.