Students may request loaner laptops on a first come first serve bases.  Loaner laptops will not be signed out more than 14 days. Loaner laptops will not be shipped to students. You must arrange a pickup time at Harrisburg University. 

These laptops are designed to run Office 365 Applications, and many internet based applications.     

  • Note taking in class
  • Replacement laptop while main laptop is being repaired

The student will agree to return the laptop and its power adapter in the same condition as when borrowed from the University and further agree to pay for any damage or loss incurred through negligence, theft or lack of control for the same and agree to pay a replacement cost of $300 for the HP Laptop and/or $50 for the power adapter if not returned to the University by the due date.  If a replacement charge is required, the student will agree and authorize the University to charge my their account to replace the lost equipment. Payment will be due and payable immediately.

Please contact support if you need to request a loaner laptop.