Phishing scams are a leading cause of incidents and breaches in the education sector. Motivated by financial gains, cybercriminals primarily target personal information and account credentials. As part of HU’s phishing awareness program, OIS sends simulated phishing emails to all employees at random to help you be successful in recognizing phishing tactics and red flags when receiving a suspicious email. 

Phishing simulation involves periodically sending “phishing” emails to employees. The simulated phish may appear to come from an IT department, Microsoft or vendors we use for services or supplies. Those who inadvertently respond, click or open an attachment to a simulated phish will receive an immediate response in the form of an educational page that highlights the red flags in that specific phish example.

Every employee, including every person in OIS, receives these simulated emails.  Users who do not pass a phishing simulation will be assigned mandatory training in compliance with the Electronic Mail Communication Policy.  Providing proactive and reactive training that is up-to-date with the most recent phishing trends equips users with the resources to identify phishing emails and protect themselves, and the HU community.

Please continue to report all suspicious messages.

OIS invites you to watch the video below to remain educated about "Avoiding Phishing Scams".