I am thrilled to announce that our new interlibrary loan system, Tipasa, is now live! You can access it here:




Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the service that gives you access to the resources of other libraries. You can use ILL to borrow books and media, and get PDFs of articles and book chapters. There is a new user interface (linked above) for creating and managing requests. If you have used ILL before, you will notice several differences from the previous system. The new service shows you all of your requests on a single page, links to articles, and details about the status of your requests and item due dates. You also can submit new requests from this interface. We can now send status update e-mails as well.


Harrisburg University Library users may now log into the new interface (https://4920.account.worldcat.org/profile) with an existing library account to create and manage interlibrary loan requests.


We hope that these changes enhance your library experience and streamline how you manage your requests!


This new platform should allow users to request items more easily, receive them more quickly, and track the status of their requests. As with any new system, there may be bugs; if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the library at library@harrisburgu.edu.