*Currently the two TV displays are not working, However, you can still use the video wall for your needs. This guide may also be updated in the future. This guide will allow you to use the basics of the Reading Room.*

How to Project to the Video Wall

1. Start by locating the touchpanel by the door to the kitchen. Press the screen to wake it up. 

2. Select "Routing."

3. Using the Video Wall side, you can scroll left and right to view the option to project onto the video wall. If you wish to plug in your laptop, you will have to find the wall plate located by the piano with an HDMI and VGA cable connected. You will then plug in your laptop and then select and drag "Wall Plate" down into the full screen box.

4. To use AirMedia, you would just find the AirMedia option under the "Routing" menu where you found wall plate and select and drag it down.

Volume and Lights in the Reading Room

1. On the main page of the touchpanel select "Lights" and it will bring up a panel of all the different sections of lights in the Reading Room. There are also presets that you can use.

2. To change the volume in the reading room, select the "Audio" button on the main page of the touchpanel. You will then be able to change the volume and mute the video wall from here.