NOTE: Microsoft Surface Hub's are located in rooms 1012, 1036, 1136, 1462, 1464, and Conference Room at 225.

Creating A Teams Meeting in Outlook for the Microsoft Surface Hub

1. Go into your Outlook calendar and select "New Teams Meeting."

2. Fill out the information that you need for your meeting. Click on "Location."

3. Double-click on the room you would like to use for your Teams Meeting and then click "Ok."4. When asked if you want to update the location to "(Room Number) MS Surface Hub," click "Yes."

5. You can then send your invitation to your participants. Your participants will join the meeting by clicking on "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" in their meeting appointment that you are sending them.

Accessing the Teams Meeting on the Microsoft Surface Hub

1. When you arrive for your meeting, your meeting should be displayed on the screen when it wakes up.

2. Press "Join" on the screen and you will automatically join the meeting through the Microsoft Surface Hub.

3. This is the screen you will be taken to after you select "Join." 

4. To show the options below you will need to press on the grey area on the left hand side of the screen.

5. Here are the options you have when on a Teams Meeting (from left to right):

  • Video: Allows you to mute the camera
  • Microphone: Allows you to mute the microphone
  • Present: Allows you to present the screen to the participants in the meeting
  • Options: Give you more options for the meeting
  • End Call: Ends the Teams Meeting

6. Underneath that, you also have more options (from left to right):

  • Full Screen: Makes the video call full screen.
  • Invite People: This allows you to add people to your Teams Meeting in the room itself. When you click on it, a search bar will pop up and you will be able to search for people and add them to the call.
  • Settings: Allow you to make sure the Dante USB is selected for the microphone.
  • Info: Shows you the info for the meeting.

How to Make an Impromptu Call

1. When you enter the room and wake up the Surface HUB, click on the "Call" button.

1. The first option is MeetNow

2. From here, you can type internal HU people's names and select them in the drop down and add them to the call. You can then hit "Start Meeting."

3. The other option is Dial Pad. Here you can call an internal/external phone number.

You do not need to dial 9 for an outside number.

Volume Controls for Microsoft Surface Hub

1. Volume controls for the Surface are located on the right side of the screen by the pen. These volume controls will control the volume of the people on the other end of your calls. If you can not hear your participants or they are too loud, please use these volume controls.

This is where the volume controls are for Surface HUB 2s. These are located at 1464 and 225.