*This edition is using a MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14*

1. Locate the touchpanel in your classroom. A splash page will appear, please press the screen to take you to the main screen.

3. Click on the AirMedia button and wait for the projector to boot up.

4. Visit the URL that is on the screen. For this example, we are using Room 1246. Visit

5. You will then be taken to the Crestron AirMedia main page. Click on "Client for Mac" and allow the software to run.

6. Click on the program when it is down downloading in the bottom left corner or in your downloads folder.

7. This popup will then come up. Double click on the "Crestron AirMedia" application.

8. When this popup comes up, please select "Open."

9. The AirMedia application should now be down in your task bar. Select the AirMedia application.

10. This popup should now come up. Please select "Ok."

11. Following the instructions for AirPlay Guidance, go to your AirPlay Menu that should have appeared at the top of the screen as shown here. Click on it.

12. You should now have the option to AirPlay to Click on that.

*Each room will have a different IP address. You can use the AirMedia screen shown by the projectors to make sure you are connecting to the correct IP address by matching the address in the visit section with the AirPlay Menu.*

13. A popup should now appear asking for a password. The password that you should use will be displayed on the main projector screen below the visit URL.

14. If the Airplay menu happens to now show the correct IP address for the room or just does not appear, hit the "Back" button on the AirPlay Guidance page.

15. You will then be brought to the following screen. Here you can manually put in the IP address for the room. You will then click on "Connect." The AirPlay menu should have now appeared and you can select the classroom.