*I am using Room 1151 as the example for this. I am also using an iPhone XS. Your screen may look different than the one in this guide.*

1. Go into your Apple Store/Google Play Store and download the app.

2. Go over to the touchpanel and select AirMedia.

3. Go into the app and bring up the main page.

4. Look at the projector screen or TV and put in the IP address for the classroom.

5. Put the IP Address into the search bar of your app.

6. This popup will then be displayed on your screen. You will need to locate your screen mirroring option on your phone.

7. You will need to get to your settings menu and then click on screen mirroring. You will then need to select the IP address that you put in.

8. It will then ask you to put in the AirPlay Code which is located at the top right part of the projector screen.

9. To stop screen mirroring, go back to your settings where the screen mirroring is located and select "Stop Mirroring."