Starting with the Late Summer 2021 semester, Canvas courses will move into a 'Read-Only' state for students approximately six weeks after the semester ends. This means that students will be able to access course materials that their instructors leave published or available.  

OIS still recommends saving your syllabi and other important coursework throughout the semester so that you have them available as needed. Canvas should not be treated as a document repository - when in doubt save your important documents locally to your machine or on the cloud.

Courses that ran in semesters prior to Late Summer 2021 will not be retroactively opened for students.  Students were reminded each semester to save syllabi and important course documents throughout the semester as courses were automatically archived approximately six weeks after the semester ends and coursework and materials would not be retrievable.

Microsoft Teams Classes

Access to your Microsoft Teams Classes will follow a similar process as described above, however the content will not be available indefinitely.  

Roughly 6 weeks after a semester ends your MS Teams Classes will be ‘Archived’ and will move into a read-only state.  The MS Teams content will effectively be ‘locked’ (users will be unable to create new meetings or chat etc.) but you will still be able to access any of the resources necessary.  Once ‘archived’, you can access the Teams by selecting the ‘gear’ icon, and choosing the ‘Manage Teams’ option:

Once you are in the ‘Manage Teams’ area, you can expand the ‘Archived’ Teams category:

At the end of the following semester, the Microsoft Teams Class associated with your Canvas course will be deleted.  The content will not be retrievable, so if you need any files from the Team you will want to save these well in advance.