***Due to the number of courses that are moving to an 'virtual' format, the Virtual Class Emergency Support Line hours have been temporarily extended to 8 AM to 9 PM EST Monday-Friday as well as during Saturday executive sessions. The temporary extended schedule will expire on 3/1/203. The emergency support line number is 717.901.5166. Please see below for more details about the help line.***

The Virtual Class Emergency Support Line, 717.901.5166, is available Monday – Thursday, from 6-9 pm EST, for faculty and students to receive emergency support. Please save this number to your phone so it is ready when needed. Examples of urgent vs. non-urgent help is detailed below. Please reserve this line for emergencies only.

*It is recommended that faculty post this information somewhere on the course home page so that students are aware of the Virtual Class Emergency Support Line*

Type of Help

Contact Method


URGENT (anything preventing learning from occurring in the moment of the online session)

Virtual Class Emergency Support Line 717.901.5166 available Monday – Friday, from 6-9 pm EST

Faculty microphone not working, Faculty unable to share slides/screen, Faculty unable to enter classroom, Student unable to enter the classroom etc.

Non-urgent (anything that can be handled outside of the online session)

Non-urgent questions, submit a ticket through OIS Freshdesk support page https://ithelp.harrisburgu.edu/support/home

Student microphone not working, Questions on tool functionality etc.