Students who successfully graduate from Harrisburg University are permitted to keep their email account, however there will be changes.  Six months after graduation you will be notified via email that your account will change from to  You will be able to keep all of the email in your mailbox, however the address will change.  

You may continue to retain an HU email account using the Exchange Online within Office 365.

Your HU email address changed from domain to the new domain.  Please update wherever you are enrolled or forwarding emails using the email address and change it to the new email address.


  • Access to your new email account will be available through
  • This account will retain the content of your existing email 
  • Your username will change to
  • The password for your HU email account will be the same password as your original account
  • You may request a password reset through Office 365 “Can’t access your account” link on the Office 365 login page
  • email address will no longer be a valid address, and any mail sent to it will be returned to sender
  • Access to Canvas is terminated.
  • Licensed access to Office 365 Microsoft Office Pro Plus local installations is terminated.  This includes Microsoft Teams. 
  • Access to Microsoft OneDrive through your HU email account is terminated

If you do not know your password, please recover it by following the instructions HERE.