Login Screen

The papercut login screen is the default screen displayed on the printer when not logged in. Users can log in by scanning their HU ID card or by entering a HU username/password with the on-screen keyboard. Look for the “Scan Here” label to the left of the screen to locate the card reader. If no action is taken after 45 seconds after log in, the system will log out the user automatically.

Papercut Home Screen

Once logged in, users will be presented with the Papercut Home Screen. From this screen a user can choose to release all pending print jobs with the Print all button or choose another option from the other buttons, Print Release, Access Device, or Scan. Users may also click the arrow icon next to their name to logout from this screen. This will log the user out without any further prompts.

Papercut Print Release

Clicking the Print Release button will open a new screen where users select all or individual print jobs. Individual jobs can be expanded to present further options by pressing the arrow button to the right of the job name. After selecting the job(s), users can choose to force the job to print in grayscale or 2-sided even if the job was not submitted with those settings. Users can also choose to delete the job(s) with the trash can icon or begin printing with the Print button. There is a Job Status button to check on the status of print jobs. The logout icon remains on this page and a home icon is added to return to the Papercut home screen.

Papercut Scan

Clicking the Scan Button will open a dialog presenting the Papercut Scan options available. These options may be different for each user. If a user only has access to a single option, like Scan to My Email, the device will launch right into that dialog and not present other choices, like the example image below. When this image was captured, we were testing the Scan to OneDrive feature which shows as an option in the example screen. The native scan features, like scan to file, and scan to USB are still available and can be found after clicking Access Device, which will be covered down the page. The logout and Papercut Home screen icon are available on this page.

Toshiba eStudio Copy

This is the built-in copy function of the device, which opens after clicking through the Access Device button on the Papercut Home Screen. Options can be chosen for zoom, sort, staple, orientation, quality, color, and number of copies. The blue physical button with the white diamond to the right of the screen is used to start the copies. From this screen users can also access the copier’s home screen by pressing the physical home button on the device to the right of the screen. To log out of the device from this screen, press the yellow physical button to the right of the screen.

Toshiba eStudio Home Screen

This Home screen is accessed by pressing the home button to the right of the screen. The options on this screen may vary across devices due to features available on that device. Currently only the devices on 1 and 14 have fax capability and will contain an icon to perform that function. All devices will have icons for the eStudio copy and scan (scan to file, USB, etc…) function as well as buttons to return to the Papercut Home Screen and check Job Status. If other features are added to this screen, we will update this document and send out and update via email. Users can log out at anytime from this screen by pressing the yellow physical button to the right of the screen.

Physical Buttons

The physical buttons referenced above are located to the right of the device’s screen. The power button will present options to shutdown or restart the device, which may be needed to resolve or troubleshoot issues. The button with the home icon will access the device’s home screen after clicking through the Papercut access device button. The yellow button can be used to log out at any time. The blue button is used to start various processes, but many used in the copying dialog.