Harrisburg University utilizes the Papercut virtual printing system which allows users to release print jobs at multiple printers on campus using an ID card.


After submitting a print job to the queue, the job can be released visiting one of the multi-function printers on campus and scanning your ID card. 

Harrisburg campus students currently have access to release jobs on the the printer in the library on the 2nd floor, the printers on classroom floors 10 through 13, and the printer in the Student Union.  Faculty and staff have access to additional printers in the 1st floor mailroom, 14th floor kitchenette, and the 225 Market St mailroom.

Philadelphia campus users currently have access to release jobs on the printer in the lounge area near classroom 113. 


Papercut Mobility printing is the preferred setup method for all non-HU managed devices. This system currently supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS systems. Information for setup and usage can be found at the following campus specific links.

Please note, the following urls for the Harrisburg and Philadelphia campuses, will only work when connected to the HU network in that location.

Harrisburg Campus - PaperCut Mobility Printing Setup

Philadelphia Campus - PaperCut Mobility Printing Setup

* Philadelphia campus users, will need to login using their HU username and password after scanning their ID card for the  first time. This login will associate the card to the user for future access to the device.