Please follow all 7 steps.  If you skip step 7, you may miss out on important notifications.

  1. To sign up for the emergency text messaging system, you will need to browse to the Omnilert sign in page.
  2. Log in using your HU email address and password.
  3. If you are registering for the first time, enter the desired services (SMS, Email or Voice).
  4. If adding an SMS number, enter your 10-digit number and choose the carrier.
    1. You will receive a validation text with a code. Once you receive the text message, enter the validation code and click Validate
  5. If adding an Email address, enter a valid email address.
    1. You will receive a validation email asking you to complete your subscription.  In that email, click Validate.
    2. You will then be sent to a validation successful web page.
  6. If adding a Voice number, type in a valid 10-digit phone number.  
    1. Adding a voice number will enable any voice messages that are sent out with this service to call your phone and play the message for you. If you use the same number as the SMS service, you do not need to validate your number again.
  7.  Please make sure you are subscribed to a group. After setting up emergency services, select “groups” near the top right and click subscribe on the appropriate group. You can subscribe to multiple groups if needed.

    1. You can return to subscribe and unsubscribe to groups as needed.