NOTE:  Please view this FAQ to see which rooms are "Video-Enabled" classrooms:

If unsure how to use the classroom technology, please refer to this guide:

*If you happen to log into a computer and Microsoft Teams is not 

installed, please go to the link provided and install Microsoft Teams*

Accessing the Camera Controls in the Classroom

When you walk into a classroom, you will see a camera mounted on the ceiling/wall near the back of the classroom. Please choose an option below that follows which camera you have. 

Option 1

1. Walk over to the touchpanel and turn on the system by pressing anywhere to begin.

2. Look to see if there is a "Camera Control" option at the top. 

3. From here, you can control the camera any way you would like. You can also disable the camera to turn it to privacy mode. 

Please allow the camera a few seconds to make the desired direction turn.

Option 2

1. If the classroom you are in does not have the "Camera Control" tab on the touchpanel, you will need to log into the desktop to change the camera settings. 

2. Once logged onto the desktop computer, look for this icon on the desktop.

3. Once you click on the icon, it will open up a browser tab that looks like this. Please click on "Setting."

4. From here, you are able to turn the camera and zoom in and out if need be.

Accessing Microphone Controls in the Classroom

1. On the main screen of the touchpanel, click on the "Volume" tab.

2. On this screen, you can mute and unmute the microphone in the classroom.

Accessing Your Class and Webcam/Microphone in Microsoft Teams

1. To access your Microsoft Teams Classes session in Canvas, go to your course page and click on the Microsoft Teams Classes tab.

2. Click on the Microsoft Team.

3. Identify and select the lecture or session that you created in your Microsoft Team.

4. Use the 'Join' button to access the lecture or session meeting space.

5. When Microsoft Teams opens, make sure you select Computer audio and then you can join the meeting.

*If you are unable to see yourself or nobody in the meeting can hear you, make sure you check the settings and they look like one of the two options below.*

Go to the three little dots at the top and click on them. Then click on device settings.

Recording Your Class in Microsoft Teams

1. Once in the meeting, click on the three little dots and then "Start Recording."
*To know that you are recording, this notification will pop up and a red dot will also appear to let you know that you are recording.*

*To share something, click on the "Share" button and then select your computer screen. If you are playing sound, make sure you turn on "Include computer sound."*

2. Once you are done recording, click on the three little dots again and click "Stop Recording."

3. You will then be able to find the recording in your meeting chat which will appear in your chat menu. You can also find it in your OneDrive under a folder called "Recordings."