NOTE:  Please view this FAQ to see which rooms are "Video-Enabled" classrooms:

If unsure how to use the classroom technology, please refer to this guide:

Accessing the Camera Controls in the Classroom

When you walk into a classroom, you will see a camera mounted on the ceiling/wall near the back of the classroom. Please choose an option below that follows which camera you have. 

Option 1

1. Walk over to the touchpanel and turn on the system by pressing anywhere to begin.

2. Look to see if there is a "Camera Control" option at the top. 

3. From here, you can control the camera any way you would like. You can also disable the camera to turn it to privacy mode. 

Please allow the camera a few seconds to make the desired direction turn.

Option 2

1. If the classroom you are in does not have the "Camera Control" tab on the touchpanel, you will need to log into the desktop to change the camera settings. 

2. Once logged onto the desktop computer, look for this icon on the desktop.

3. Once you click on the icon, it will open up a browser tab that looks like this. Please click on "Setting."

4. From here, you are able to turn the camera and zoom in and out if need be.

Accessing Microphone Controls in the Classroom

1. On the main screen of the touchpanel, click on the "Volume" tab.

2. On this screen, you can mute and unmute the microphone in the classroom.

Accessing Your Class and Webcam/Microphone in Adobe Connect

1. When you open your class in Canvas, navigate to the Adobe Connect tab.

2. On this screen, you will be able to select your class' room and click on "Join."

3.After you select Join, it will ask you to open the Adobe Connect application or to download the Adobe Connect application. If you do not have it installed yet, please click on "Download Adobe Connect Application." If you already have it downloaded, please click on "Open."

3. From here, go to the microphone icon and click on "Select Microphone." Make sure that the speakerphone is selected. It may be one of the two options below.

4. To start the webcam, just click on "Start My Webcam" under the webcam icon. 


5. You will then need to make sure you click on the webcam icon again and click on "Start Live Sharing" so that everyone else can see your webcam. 

6. There are also two options for webcam. Please make sure that if you don't see the webcam, that it has one of these selected.

*If Adobe Connect gives you a hardware error alert when trying to turn on the webcam, please make sure that you have these settings selected under the preferences of the webcam*

*If you are unable to hear anyone in the meeting talking, go to the sound settings and make sure that one of these two options is selected.*

Recording Your Class in Adobe Connect

1. To record your class, click on the meeting name dropdown and select "Record Session."

2. Fill out the Recording Name with the class and date of the session so that you can keep everything organized. Then click "Start Recording."

3. To stop the recording, click on the meeting name dropdown and select "Stop Recording."

4. After you are done recording, you can access the recordings back going back to the Adobe Connect tab in your class' Canvas page and then select "Recordings" under the meeting name.