We continually strive to modernize our classrooms and add technology to make teaching in our classrooms easier.  In select rooms we have installed remotely controlled cameras and ceiling microphones which tie directly back to the classroom computer. These new technologies enable logged in users to start a Skype, Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect or any other video call in the room.  The person(s) on the other end of the call will be able to hear and see the participants as if they were right there in the classroom.

The technology is also is very simple to use. Simply turn on the projection system, log into the room computer and open up any video call.  The computer in the room should automatically select the room microphone and camera.  If any of the systems, like Adobe Connect, require you to select a microphone then it will appear in the list just as a USB headset would, for example.  It is always recommended that you test the technology before any scheduled events and we can assist you with that testing.

So far the technology has been implemented in the following learning environments:

1004, 1204, 1212, 1246, 1254, 1258, 1305, 1358 and Philadelphia classrooms 112, 168. 

Please contact us directly if you would like a quick tutorial on how to get started using this technology. We are always happy to assist faculty and staff in the use of new technologies.