Basic Operation

1. When you walk into Teams Room 225, the system should motion detect that someone is there and automatically turn on. If it does not, touch the touchpanel on the Mercury system (the touchpanel on the table).

*Please allow the system to boot up and properly obtain its settings. It may look like the resolution is not right, but it will correct itself. Please give the system a few minutes.*

In this room you can:

  • Display your laptop using the HDMI cable with or without the DisplayPort adapter
  • Join a Teams video/audio meeting
  • Make standard phone calls

Connecting to HDMI/DisplayPort

1. To connect your laptop to the TV screen, you will need to use the HDMI or DisplayPort adapter as pictured below.

2. Your laptop should automatically connect and be displayed on the screen. If not, please try pressing the button on the touchpanel that says "Present." 

*If that does not work, please contact IT HelpDesk.*

Join a Teams video/audio meeting

1. You will need to create the Teams meeting using your Outlook email. Go to the calendar and select "Teams Meeting" at the top of the screen.

2. When the meeting popup comes up, you will click on "Location."

3. Click on "Conf Room 225" and hit "Ok."

4. From here, you can add other people to this meeting by putting them in the required or optional text boxes. Anyone who is invited to this meeting will use this as their way to get into the meeting. Everyone will click on the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting."

5. For people who do not have Microsoft Teams, they can download it and install it on their computer or view using a web browser. We recommend downloading the program and using it that way. If you already have Microsoft Teams installed, you will click on the "Open Microsoft Teams" popup.

6. When you come into the Teams room now, you will see your meeting on the Mercury touchpanel. You can then click on the "Join" button and it will open the meeting.

7. This is the screen you will see on the touchpanel during the meeting. You can do a variety of things with these options. *You will have to mute yourself on this screen as the mute button on the top of the touchpanel no longer works.*

Make Standard Phone Calls

1. On the main screen of the Mercury touchpanel, select the "Dial Pad" button.

2. Here you can make outside calls to any number. You will NOT need to dial 9 at the beginning. This is what you will see when the call is connected. You will have the usual mute options and the ability to add people to the call.