How to Access Adobe Connect

Faculty and students must access Adobe Connect via the link provided in the Learning Management System, Canvas. After clicking on the Adobe Connect link in the course menu, both faculty and students will click the 'Join' button to enter the virtual classroom.  Faculty and students do not need separate credentials for Adobe Connect. 

'Join' Button Not Showing

Please note that when you register for a course it may take a day or two for all systems to sync. Check back the next day to see if the 'Join' button is available. 

If you do not see the 'Join' button the day that you are supposed to start class, open a ticket with the helpdesk. If you are not able to connect Monday-Friday between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm EST, please call the Adobe Connect Emergency Help Line, 717.901.5166, for assistance.  ***Due to the number of courses that are moving to an 'online' format, the Adobe Connect Emergency Help Line hours have been temporarily extended to 8 AM to 8 PM EST Monday-Friday as well as during Saturday executive sessions. The number is 717.901.5166. Please see the Adobe Connect Emergency Help Line solution article for more information.***

Mobile Device Access Not Supported

While Harrisburg University does not support the use of mobile devices for accessing Adobe Connect, many students have had success downloading the Adobe Connect app from the app store for their device and then opening a browser to launch Adobe Connect via the ‘Join’ button from the course, but not all.  

Faculty and students must always use the ‘Join’ button to join the online sessions regardless of the platform you are using. That is the only way that attendance is recorded accurately. If faculty or students want to use mobile, you do so at your own risk – we will not be able to support you.