All University classrooms are equipped with similar presentation technology designed to facilitate modern ways to teach in the classroom.  Each classroom will have one or more projectors, speakers, room computer, laptop inputs, and wireless presentation capabilities.  To begin using these technologies, please follow the steps below.

    1. Find the black touchpanel mounted on the wall in the classroom.  They are normally located near the phone in the front of the room.   (The touchpanel may be asleep, to wake it up press any where on the screen.)

    2. Once you see the green welcome page, press anywhere to continue.  This will take you to the main source selection page.  On this page you will find the input sources, volume control, lighting control and projector control.  You also can shutdown the system from this page.

    3. To turn on the projectors and display your source, press one of the input buttons labeled Computer, Laptop, or AirMedia.  This will automatically turn on the projector, dim the lights, and display the selected source.  To switch sources, wait until the projectors have warmed up, then select another source.  

    4. The sources available are as follows.  Room PC: This is a built in Windows 10 PC that all Faculty and Staff may log in to.  Basic applications are already installed like Chrome and the Office suite.  Laptop: This button will display any laptop that is connected to the system.  There are 3 laptop input cables on the podium; VGA, HDMI, and Display Port.  If you laptop does not have one of these connections, you will need to provide your own adapter.  Please make sure to only connect one of these cables at a time, the system will automatically selected the connected input and display it on the projectors.  AirMedia:  AirMedia is a wireless presentation technology which allows users to connect their PC, Mac, Iphone, or Android device to the projector.  To use this system please ensure your device is connected to the Wifi, select AirMedia on the touchpanel, and follow the instructions displayed on the projector.  

The input source should now be seen on the projector.  If it is not and you have followed the previous steps, please call the helpdesk line from a room phone at extension 5177.  

Here are a few tips for using the projection systems in classrooms.

  • All projectors will turn on when selecting a source for the first time.  Please do not try to manually turn on projectors. 
  • If you wish to turn off a single projector, or blank the output temporarily, use the display control button on the home page.  Please do not shutdown the system this way, only use the shutdown system button when you are finished with class.
  • All classrooms have a 3.5 hour exit timer enabled by default.  This is done to prevent excessive bulb burn out and prevent systems from being left on overnight.  Please be aware of this if you system turns off automatically on you.  
  • To get around the 3.5 hour timer, you can occasionally wake the panel up by pressing on the screen.  This will reset the 3.5 hour timer.
  • Please make sure to shutdown the system when you are finished.